• Annual Savings ( in million Rs) :2,025
  • GHG Reductions (in MT/yr)  : 1,186
  • Energy Savings : (in KW hr) :13,11,58,904
  • Electrical Generation (in MW): 750



4 August 2016

Mr. R Rajmohan, CEO, DESL, chaired a session on Pet-coke as a fuel, heat pipes based solutions for WHR at a technical meet on 'Industrial Thermal Technologies', organized by FICCI in New Delhi

20 July 2016

Mr. R Rajmohan, CEO, DESL, shared his views on the current energy efficiency market in India as a panellist in the session- Experience on ESCO Projects in India- at "Energy Efficiency Financing" workshop organized by EESL in Mumbai

30 June 2016

DESL bagged the award for 'Distinguished Innovation & Research in Waste Management' at the 4th National Conference and Awards on Waste to Wealth, organized by ASSOCHAM

10 June 2016

An article by Mr. Amit Seth, Associate Consultant, DESL; Mr. Ashok Kumar, Analyst-DESL; and Dr. GC Datta Roy, Advisor- DESL on adopting energy efficient measures to minimize fuel loss in the biomass based power plants was published 'Energy Next' magazine (India needs to harness biomass potential).

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