Business Process

Successfully implemented the 1st commercial performance contract in the Government Building Sector in India, reducing the energy consumption by over 35%


Having successfully implemented the first ever shared saving performance contract in the country (NDMC Building Lighting Retrofit Project); DESL has been involved in development of a number of performance contracts for government buildings and municipal facilities. DESL has acquired a unique position in terms of depth of understanding of the critical issues and methodology of resolution as a result of engagement in these projects.


Successfully implemented the 1st such performance contract in the industrial sector reducing energy intensity by over 30%


DESL has continuously innovated on different performance contracting models and has offered tailored services under performance contracts to several industries in India. DESL has the largest portfolio of industrial performance contracts executed by any service provider in India. DESL has to its credit the opportunity of implementing energy efficiency projects in various sectors that include Pulp and Paper Sector; Food and Beverages; Power Generation Units & Sugar Industry.

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